Thoughts from Worship – Dec 4th 2013

At the church I have been attending they have service on both Wednesday and Sundays.  On Wednesday’s we have prayer time where we are able to sit with others or walk and pray.  During this time I have learned much about others and about myself.   After the prayer time we have Worship with song and I love that time.  Which is then followed by a service or smaller prayer circles.    I am planning to share my thoughts from the night and my favourite song from the evening.

Song of the Service:

The theme of the service was: Jesus is Ultimate.  It is part of a series from Jesus is _______, by Judha Smith. The Youth Pastor led the discussion and he is compassionate.  He talked about God and Satan and how Jesus already won the battle.  He won the battle when he lived and did not die on the cross.  He also discussed that we need to live to be like god.  That yes we will sin but that we are not only sin.  This resonated with me as I am new to Christianity and I have had several troubles these past few weeks.  It seems the more I let Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit into my life as I walk the path – more sin and threat is thrown at me.  I have found that I have a new set of answers for such indiscretions that have come my way.  I have stumbled and fallen in the past weeks yet I still know that I am loved and he will continue to protect me with his grace during this path.

Do you ever stumble in your faith? How do you handle it?


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